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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mom Loves Sexy - Bringin' Sexy Back... after childbirth.

NOTE: This post contains material of an adult nature. If you are offended by sex or similar content, are under the age of 18 or have kids looking over your shoulder OR are one of my husbands family members... it's probably for the best if you don't continue!

Having a baby is a HUGE thing. It not only changes your life, it changes your life as a couple in so many drastic ways. One of the biggest changes to our relationship was our sex life. Now while I felt totally sexy while pregnant, probably the sexiest I've ever felt, afterward I felt... well honestly... not desirable in the least bit. Basically the farthest thing from sexy possible. Suddenly skin hung on me I didn't even know I had, I don't even want to discuss my boobs, and I seriously doubted after D {hubby} watched a human come out of my vag-j-j that he would ever be able to look at it the same. Stretch marks? No seriously... my stomach looked like Freddy Kruger's face. Needless to say I had NO desire whatsoever to get intimate. Just the thought of showering frightened me, knowing I would have to be naked!!!

Now I am not sure if this was all REALLY as bad as I thought it was, or if it was just the postpartum depression talking, but I was really upset about it. I went from 'Can I have it? Can we do it? OMG I gotta have it' to 'Eeeewww don't look at me with clothes ON! and let's not even think about clothes off.' During E's birth I had to have an emergency fourth degree episiotomy so it took MONTHS to even regain a bit of normality. At about week 12, I sat down with D to discuss my feelings and new self esteem issues. He was so supportive! He told me how beautiful I was and always will be. He also shared how seeing our son's birth didn't make him want me less. In fact it made me want me more. He had a whole new respect for me, a whole new set of feelings. Honestly I had a whole new set of feelings for him myself after seeing him become a Dad. It's all so dramatic, so beautiful, so emotional. I just had to come to terms with my new image... and not think of it as ugly, or stretched out, or fat. I need to see it as sexy! This body is my trophy, my award, my badge of honor for beginning one of life's greatest journeys... MOTHERHOOD! It was hard at first but now that we have regained our intimacy it seems to be helping me to feel sexier again.

The only thing is now getting used to sex with my new 'mom body.' D doesn't seem to notice but let me tell you, my body notices! I feel heavier, my back and legs hurt much easier, and flexibility... what's that??? haha! At first we used the old propping up pillows routine to raise my fat butt up. But soon realized the pillows were going flat after about 30 seconds. {...did I mention maybe hub gained a bit of sympathy pregnancy weight... oh yeah...} So we quickly realized we needed a better, more convenient, permanent solution.

I am sure a lot of you have heard of Eden Fantasys adult store or chatted with Drew on twitter {who is totally awesome by the way.} Well Drew and Eden Fantasys were sweet enough to send us a little fun pillow to help!

The shape reminds me of pacman with handles! It is actually 22"x22"x36" not a small pillow! It has a really soft velvet feel to it and since it's inflatable pvc, it weighs next to nothing! The first time I blew it up was just to test it out, wasn't sexi time or anything, but I am so glad I did. Even with my air compressor it still took a few minutes. Definitely not a toy you want your man to have to blow up manually with a boner, so it may be a good idea to blow it up ahead of time if possible or at least have a pump handy. We actually have just kept ours blown up in D's home office. It really is so non-descriptive I doubt even if someone saw it they would realize what it is. Or you could just say it's a new type of exercise ball... I don't think anybody would think twice.

It says on the package that it can accommodate up to 300lbs but we are more than that combined and as long as you leave a little 'give' in the air and don't blow it totally up I don't think a few pounds over will hurt. We were pretty rough on it just playing around before we tried doing it on it. {I mean seriously we were worried our fat asses would pop it!} But it didn't pop or even make any odd air releasing sounds. So once we were sure it wasn't going to pop we put it to the test. yes. we had sex on it. woo hooo!

This pillow is awesome! Not only did my back not hurt after two seconds, it didn't hurt at all! The rocking design kept my hips from hurting and there are SO many position possibilities! The handles are an added bonus too. You can use it like a couch, you can roll it so the round side if up and hang your body across it! We didn't try it yet but you could even use it to keep your neck from hurting while giving oral or to relax while you get it. There are so many ways to use this thing we are discovering more and more.

I love the inflatable tilt master and give it 4 stars out of 5! I recommend it to anyone who wants to bring more spice to the bedroom or that is experiencing the similar 'mom body' problem. It takes so much pressure off your back and hips! I was excited too because in the box came a small repair kit and a blindfold. I was excited about the blindfold because I lost my sleep mask... an essential part of my sleeping. LOL!

What positions do you think would be fun to try on the inflatable tilt master? Is there certain position you want to know if we tired on it and how it was?

There are so many other great pillows and support at Eden Fantasys too if this isn't exactly what you are looking for. The Tilt and The Iceberg both are highly rated! And that's just a few of their hundreds of items! I want SO MUCH of their store, I am sure you will too! Everything from toys for couples to toys for just us ladies! They don't just have a normal boring internet shop like all the other stores either. Each product has an overview, buyer voted rating, material safety score, popularity score, user reviews and links to questions and comments about the item in their forums. Eden Fantasys site is totally user friendly to not only find the items you have wanted but to make sure they will do what you want. It doesn't matter if you just want some items to set the mood or a toy that will give you multiples, Eden Fantasys selection is amazing!

Check out Eden Fantasys at:
On twitter @EdenFantasys
& follow Drew @DrewG78

And make sure to check out Eden Fantasys Sexis Magazine.
It has TONS of awesome posts! I die laughing reading The Bloggess' column! Her post from a few days about 10 slightly less dangerous alternatives to autoerotic asphyxiation caused me to laugh so hard I almost peed.

Thank you thank you thank you to Eden Fantasys and Drew for giving us the chance to try out the tilt master!

{product was provided by Eden Fantasys}

4 Mom Loves Comments:

Mommy Melee said...

This looks VERY useful. Whee.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I hear you about the ppd, effecting your sex life. At least your hubby understood mine doesn't get how depressuin effects sex. Also that pillow sounds awesome.

RachelFerrucci- MamaRucci said...

You guys are so lucky now-a-days. Back in the to go buy those grandma tube like pillows which slipped out of place. Glad you learned to love your new body.

feel sexy, feel beautiful, get Touch'd

<3 Rachel

Anonymous said...

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