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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Market Exits over CPSIA

Selecta Toys

HABA (German wooden toy maker)

"Due to the new CPSIA laws we have made the voluntary financial decision to no longer have the jewelry section in our catalog. The 2009 catalog will not include the jewelry. This does NOT mean that our current jewelry does not meet the ASTM requirements. Our overall jewelry sales are a very small percent of our business and the cost to test these items would outweigh the margins to sell the products."

Buzz is that Fuzzibunz will reduce to one color per size

2 Mom Loves Comments:

Nicole said...

OKay...maybe I'm so out of the loop on this one...but did the law pass? Hmmmm? If so...are my fave Etsy crafters going to disappear soon?! ugh.

The Mom said...

Yes, it has passed and we are working hard to get the law rephrased so it will not destroy home-based businesses.

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