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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frigidaire "Make Time For CHANGE" Campaign! [Win a double wall oven]

Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner are proud to launch a brand new campaign supporting Save the Children's CHANGE program, dedicated to providing nutritious snacks and promoting healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty in the United States. For every pledge made, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support CHANGE and Save the Children's work to help children in need in the U.S., as part of their $250,000 commitment to this worthy cause. Also as part of that commitment, for every new Frigidaire Professional double wall oven purchased, Frigidaire will donate $100 to Save the Children's U.S. Programs.

Frigidaire knows how valuable mom's time is, so in order to make it more worth your time, Frigidaire is generously also entering everyone who pledges for a chance to win a brand new Frigidaire Professional double wall oven! So not only will your click help to save the children, it could also help you to save time if you win the oven!

To make your pledge to devote time to a child and find out all the info please visit

Mom Select - Bringing Companies and Moms Together

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mom Loves Sexy - Bringin' Sexy Back... after childbirth.

NOTE: This post contains material of an adult nature. If you are offended by sex or similar content, are under the age of 18 or have kids looking over your shoulder OR are one of my husbands family members... it's probably for the best if you don't continue!

Having a baby is a HUGE thing. It not only changes your life, it changes your life as a couple in so many drastic ways. One of the biggest changes to our relationship was our sex life. Now while I felt totally sexy while pregnant, probably the sexiest I've ever felt, afterward I felt... well honestly... not desirable in the least bit. Basically the farthest thing from sexy possible. Suddenly skin hung on me I didn't even know I had, I don't even want to discuss my boobs, and I seriously doubted after D {hubby} watched a human come out of my vag-j-j that he would ever be able to look at it the same. Stretch marks? No seriously... my stomach looked like Freddy Kruger's face. Needless to say I had NO desire whatsoever to get intimate. Just the thought of showering frightened me, knowing I would have to be naked!!!

Now I am not sure if this was all REALLY as bad as I thought it was, or if it was just the postpartum depression talking, but I was really upset about it. I went from 'Can I have it? Can we do it? OMG I gotta have it' to 'Eeeewww don't look at me with clothes ON! and let's not even think about clothes off.' During E's birth I had to have an emergency fourth degree episiotomy so it took MONTHS to even regain a bit of normality. At about week 12, I sat down with D to discuss my feelings and new self esteem issues. He was so supportive! He told me how beautiful I was and always will be. He also shared how seeing our son's birth didn't make him want me less. In fact it made me want me more. He had a whole new respect for me, a whole new set of feelings. Honestly I had a whole new set of feelings for him myself after seeing him become a Dad. It's all so dramatic, so beautiful, so emotional. I just had to come to terms with my new image... and not think of it as ugly, or stretched out, or fat. I need to see it as sexy! This body is my trophy, my award, my badge of honor for beginning one of life's greatest journeys... MOTHERHOOD! It was hard at first but now that we have regained our intimacy it seems to be helping me to feel sexier again.

The only thing is now getting used to sex with my new 'mom body.' D doesn't seem to notice but let me tell you, my body notices! I feel heavier, my back and legs hurt much easier, and flexibility... what's that??? haha! At first we used the old propping up pillows routine to raise my fat butt up. But soon realized the pillows were going flat after about 30 seconds. {...did I mention maybe hub gained a bit of sympathy pregnancy weight... oh yeah...} So we quickly realized we needed a better, more convenient, permanent solution.

I am sure a lot of you have heard of Eden Fantasys adult store or chatted with Drew on twitter {who is totally awesome by the way.} Well Drew and Eden Fantasys were sweet enough to send us a little fun pillow to help!

The shape reminds me of pacman with handles! It is actually 22"x22"x36" not a small pillow! It has a really soft velvet feel to it and since it's inflatable pvc, it weighs next to nothing! The first time I blew it up was just to test it out, wasn't sexi time or anything, but I am so glad I did. Even with my air compressor it still took a few minutes. Definitely not a toy you want your man to have to blow up manually with a boner, so it may be a good idea to blow it up ahead of time if possible or at least have a pump handy. We actually have just kept ours blown up in D's home office. It really is so non-descriptive I doubt even if someone saw it they would realize what it is. Or you could just say it's a new type of exercise ball... I don't think anybody would think twice.

It says on the package that it can accommodate up to 300lbs but we are more than that combined and as long as you leave a little 'give' in the air and don't blow it totally up I don't think a few pounds over will hurt. We were pretty rough on it just playing around before we tried doing it on it. {I mean seriously we were worried our fat asses would pop it!} But it didn't pop or even make any odd air releasing sounds. So once we were sure it wasn't going to pop we put it to the test. yes. we had sex on it. woo hooo!

This pillow is awesome! Not only did my back not hurt after two seconds, it didn't hurt at all! The rocking design kept my hips from hurting and there are SO many position possibilities! The handles are an added bonus too. You can use it like a couch, you can roll it so the round side if up and hang your body across it! We didn't try it yet but you could even use it to keep your neck from hurting while giving oral or to relax while you get it. There are so many ways to use this thing we are discovering more and more.

I love the inflatable tilt master and give it 4 stars out of 5! I recommend it to anyone who wants to bring more spice to the bedroom or that is experiencing the similar 'mom body' problem. It takes so much pressure off your back and hips! I was excited too because in the box came a small repair kit and a blindfold. I was excited about the blindfold because I lost my sleep mask... an essential part of my sleeping. LOL!

What positions do you think would be fun to try on the inflatable tilt master? Is there certain position you want to know if we tired on it and how it was?

There are so many other great pillows and support at Eden Fantasys too if this isn't exactly what you are looking for. The Tilt and The Iceberg both are highly rated! And that's just a few of their hundreds of items! I want SO MUCH of their store, I am sure you will too! Everything from toys for couples to toys for just us ladies! They don't just have a normal boring internet shop like all the other stores either. Each product has an overview, buyer voted rating, material safety score, popularity score, user reviews and links to questions and comments about the item in their forums. Eden Fantasys site is totally user friendly to not only find the items you have wanted but to make sure they will do what you want. It doesn't matter if you just want some items to set the mood or a toy that will give you multiples, Eden Fantasys selection is amazing!

Check out Eden Fantasys at:
On twitter @EdenFantasys
& follow Drew @DrewG78

And make sure to check out Eden Fantasys Sexis Magazine.
It has TONS of awesome posts! I die laughing reading The Bloggess' column! Her post from a few days about 10 slightly less dangerous alternatives to autoerotic asphyxiation caused me to laugh so hard I almost peed.

Thank you thank you thank you to Eden Fantasys and Drew for giving us the chance to try out the tilt master!

{product was provided by Eden Fantasys}

Mom Loves Makeup!

I wrote a post on some of my favorite makeup just for fun tonight on my personal blog!

Check it out & share your favs:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes

Is your current computer stalling and giving you blue screen nightmares?
Would you love to be able to have one that the kids could use (alas, staying off of yours)? feels your pain and has come to your rescue!

Sign up to receive the Cookies Kids Newsletter via e-mail and you're automatically entered to win one of 4 brand new laptops!!

Simply fill out the form below to be entered into our Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes.
Please be sure to read the Giveaway Sweepstakes "Terms and Conditions" on their site before entering your information.

Contest ends 9/30/09 at 11:59 AM ET.
This contest brought to you courtesy of the Momfluence network.

March of Dimes Fundraiser Raffle!

March of Dimes Fundraiser

Future mama
has organized a great raffle with great prizes! All you have to do to enter is donate at least $1 to March of Dimes! As a bonus she is also giving a special prize to anyone who donates $15 to this wonderful charity!

Please visit her for more info at:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stride Rite-Helping my baby to walk {& a giveaway}

One of a parents greatest joys is watching their child achieve their milestones. It's so bittersweet. You can't wait to see them do it, and then they do and you wish they hadn't because it's one step closer to their inevitable independence. Dave and I have kept track of Elijah's milestones from the very beginning of my pregnancy! We ooh and ah at every smile, wave, and coo. As he gets closer and closer to that first step without help our hearts jump for joy, even though we are scared of what's to come. This first step. Elijah's first step. Our little baby's first step. It changes his entire life, our entire lives. He will no longer be our little helpless angel, depending on us for every little thing. He will be our independent toddler. He will be able to decide where he wants to go, what he wants to do.

Elijah has always been an active baby. He was only 2 months old when he realized he preferred you to hold him sitting up than laying down. It was only a month after that he realized he could get a much better view than that even if you held him in a standing position. Honestly I can't remember if he has sat down since. Now just a little more than a week away from 11 months he has been pulling up to stand alone since 8 months and 'cruising' the furniture since 9 months. He loves to 'walk' assisted but I don't think he realizes yet he can do it alone. He will use the wall and stand up and will walk the entire walls in the playroom. He may even see something along the way and reach down to get it, then go back about his way. But he hasn't gotten the courage yet to let go. There are times he has forgotten while playing with Dave and I. He will turn from one of us to the other and take a step forward falling into our arms when he realizes no one is holding him. We know it will be any day now and he will realize he doesn't need us holding him. He will realize its okay. He can do it himself.

One of Elijah's favorite things since we first showed he could stand, was shoes. He loved to have shoes on and would gladly kick his feet, all smiles when I put a new pair on him! He still enjoys them but I have been having trouble finding a pair that fits him well. He never wore newborn size and we were actually told by a nurse at the hospital that he has some of the biggest feed they ever saw on a newborn. So considering his first pair of shoes were a size 2 and he outgrew size 3 by 2 months later, it's no surprise his feet have continued to grow ahead of schedule. Problem is they got SO ahead of schedule I lost track of what size he should be in. Most recently he was in a size 5. He had a cute pair of sesame street high tops that lit up. Only problem is they weigh so much I worried they were hurting him and making it difficult to walk. Then just in time, Amy from Momfluence contacted me about a possible opportunity with Stride Rite shoes. I was beside myself happy. Not only would I be able to find out what size shoes Elijah should really be wearing, I would be able to get a little insight on what the best shoe for a baby learning to walk is.
Just last month Stride Rite announced the launch of their new collection of baby shoes with patent-pending Sensory Response Technology™ (SRT™). From their press release: 'This revolutionary children's footwear technology, developed in conjunction with the Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, improves the way a child learns to walk via a sensory feedback system, an ultra-flexible design that allows for more freedom of movement, and a unique construction that reduces the number of stumbles and falls.'

WOW! How cool is that? They said that first walkers need shoes that allow them to feel and grip the surface beneath them, as well as distribute their weight properly to keep their balance, so they designed a shoe that did just that! And to top it off, not only are they functional, they are SO CUTE! They come in so many styles and colors for boys and girls.

What really impressed me too was their e-fitting guide. All you do is go to their site and print out the fitting sheet. There will be a strip on one side you have to cut off to measure the width but boy am I glad I did. I first measured the length of Elijah's foot when he was napping. I pressed the paper to the bottom of his foot, made sure his foot was flat, toes extended... but I was worried that wasn't accurate. So when he woke up I tried again. I had him stand up on the paper. It was a bit off, but basically the same. My 10 month old baby wears a size 6.5!!! I couldn't believe it! Then I measured the width with the other chart. Well that explains it. We could not figure out why shoes always are too skinny for him. Well they are! He has a wide (almost extra wide) foot! I am so glad I was able to properly measure him! I give him a day in these shoes... and he will running!

I can't wait to try Elijah's new pair and will surely update you all when I get them!

Interesting in finding more about SRT™ and other Stride Rite shoes for your toddler or child? Visit them here:

I'm also totally loving their facebook page! Check it out and become a fan here:


Want to win your own pair of Stride Rite shoes?

***FIVE winners will be chosen to receive ONE pair of SRT shoes, available in sizes 3 to 8 infant/toddler including medium & wide. ($50 value)

TO ENTER: Please fill out this form-

Good Luck!

This contest was brought to you by Momfluence & Stride Rite. It is open to legal U.S. residents 18 years or older. The giveaway begins at 12:00 a.m. ET September 14th and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET September 28th. Five winners will be chosen to receive a pair of SRT shoes – toddler size only ($50 RV per pair) by Stride Rite & Momfluence by

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Notable Newness ~ Mom Loves Giveaways

There are so many great giveaways going on this week I wanted to share some of them in a Notable Newness post, especially the ones you may not have seen before!


@DomesticDebacle has two awesome giveaways I know you'll like!
  1. Wanchai Ferry dinner for two & prize pack giveaway ENDS TONIGHT 9/10
  2. Another amazing giveaway:THE POWER SHELF! Made in the USA, techies rejoice! ENDS TOMORROW 9/11
@collyn23 has some great ones going on at her blog
Have another one you want people to know? Leave it in the comments!

oh and I forgot to tell you guys... I was quoted!

Curious what I said I would NEVER review on my blogs? Then check out Top Ten Thursday ~ What NOT to Review on Blog by MommaDjane

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spub Bibs and Chalkboard Stickers


Introducing Cocoboheme Spub Bibs
and Chalkboard Stickers
made with 100% biodegradable
plastic from potato starch.

Made with a bioplymer derived from potato starch, both the bibs and the stickers reduce the need for petroleum-based plastic and are fully compostable according to European Norm EN 13432. All the products are re-usable (bibs are waterproof) and will last approximately two years. Once you're done with them, you can either compost them and return nutrients to the soil, or put them in the trash knowing that in about 6 months, 90% of the material will have biodegraded (as opposed to many decades for most plastic bibs and vinyl stickers). Of course, the inks and glue are also eco-friendly.
I'm thrilled to introduce the French design company Cocoboheme and their sustainable, biodegradable, and virtually carbon-neutral bibs and chalkboard wall stickers.

pomme de terre
About European Norm EN 13432: Today, the terms biodegradation, biodegradable materials, compostability etc. are very common, but frequently misused. Consequently, this is a source of misunderstanding. The European Standard EN13432 "Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation" resolves this problem by defining the characteristics that a material must have, in order to be defined as "compostable". This norm is a reference point for material manufacturers, public authorities, composters and consumers.
And if you're concerned that using these bibs and stickers will cut back on your supply of Tater Tots, not to worry--the starch used to make the bibs and sticker is already naturally extracted when potato products are processed. So there you have it: No potatoes were harmed in the making of Cocoboheme's products.

Available at

(The above text is directly from the company. No compensation or product was received for exchange for this post.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Win a pair of Whooga UGG boots!

What is Whooga?
From their site...

A style icon is born ...
Cast into the spotlight with exhibitions at prominent Australian, European and US fashion expo's, Whooga ugg boots are quickly gaining recognition as this season's must have fashion accessory. Featuring styles which tribute chic retro inspired, classical ugg boot designs in traditional rich and earthy colours. Whooga's offer fashionistas worldwide a chance to indulge in the ultimate footwear luxury.

Hand crafted from the finest Australian natural leathers for luxury, durability and performance. Featuring sumptuous thick inner fibres for unrivalled warmth and comfort, rarely does fashion ever feel this good. Refusing to compromise on quality, Whooga's are limited run - due in part to the scarce availability of twin faced Australian Merino sheepskin.

Increasingly adorned by Hollywood's fashion elite, including style icons Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and many others. Whooga is considered by many to be 2008's most exclusive ugg boot label.

I have heard SO many great things about UGG boots! They look so warm and toasty and come in a great selection of colors! I haven't gotten to own a pair yet, But now I may have a chance, and so can you!

Whooga Boots is giving a pair of UGG boots away every month! The only requirement is that you post their badge on your blog! How easy is that?

Don't win right away? Don't worry, you can remain entered for as long as you want! You automatically are entered as long as you choose to display the Whooga Badge!

They even ship internationally, so this contest is open to EVERYONE!

To enter click here.

Good Luck!

Free @cardstyle Greeting Cards Sept 1-7th

These cards are SO beautiful! I sent the gray baby hope card to my little boy, Elijah, who is turning 1 year old in October. It turned out so beautiful with a picture of him now on the outside, and 4 pictures of him from birth until now on the inside. I wrote a loving message from his Daddy & I that he will surely treasure forever!

Head over to today to send your own card absolutely free of charge!

During the Week of Hope is also sponsoring the Hope Stationery Giveaway for those who sent cards. Five lucky winners will receive a set of 25 personalized thank you cards from
Click here to enter after you send your card.

Follow them on twitter @cardstyle
Fan them on facebook at

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