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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving {without losing my mind} Is it possible?

This weekend is going to be full of stress, lots and lots of hard work, and trying to put my home back together in a reasonable amount of time.

Saturday is going to be so busy! This is our current itinerary:

  • Get up by 9am and get going.
  • Helpers (aka friends) arrive 10am.
  • Have first loaded up and on the road no later the 11am.
  • Hopefully have another 2-3 loads by 2pm.
  • Someone at the apartment from 2-5pm for the cable guy.
  • Have someone at old place by 5pm to meet movers.
Those are just the things I can think of at this moment, not to mention the unmentionable amount of packing left!

Do you have tips on how to simplify my up coming move?
I would love if you could share them!

4 Mom Loves Comments:

The Mom - Erin said...

Oh I know what you mean! When we bought our house I was 5 months pregnant and was SO flustered I couldn't do more!

We moved from a roughly 1300sq ft apartment (big apartment), to a over 3000sq ft home. We had to move the entire apartment worth of stuff, things from both of our parents homes, AND I had a full 16x16 storage unit of my furniture from my apartment when we moved in together 5 years prior. Needless to say it was a lot of stuff.

We wanted to save money so we used our best friend's truck, my 2 door cavalier, and my father in law's Taurus station wagon. It was MANY trips... and headaches. We had 3 people help for 6 hours on the last day but otherwise Dave carried everything himself! 3 days later... everything was here!

My biggest piece of advice when you move is that sometimes you should pay a bit extra not to kill yourself doing it! lol

My second piece of advice is as you unpack- sort, organize and purge the crap. YES, it is much more work to do box by box and organize it right, BUT to use this as a fresh start to organization will save you SO much more time in the long run. We put away necessity rooms first. Kitchen, clothes, etc THEN sorted. All office supplies went in boxes in the office to be sorted further, all trinkets, pictures, pieces of decor all went into our sun room then we grouped like pieces and were surprised to see what went together and were able to create some awesome new decor using pieces that had been otherwise forgotten.

We still have a stack of boxes on one side of my office that is children's toys and things from our childhoods. I am taking my time sorting them right (and cleaning all the toys) so that I can pull bins out one at a time for Elijah when he reaches different ages and know that all toys inside are clean, all the pieces are there, and its all ready.

Another BIG tip is to use Avery labels and label EVERYTHING! :)

Good Luck! I can't wait to hear how it went.

Dee said...

There is no way to make moving simple...other than give yourself a lot of time to move.

We had a week and it was a lot easier than say doing it all in one day! I can't imagine!

Good luck!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

Thank you ladies.

Erin: Yes we have movers for the big stuff.

Dee: We also have a week to finish with the little stuff and deep clean out apartment once it is empty.

Brandy said...

I wish I had some advice but when I moved from my apartment into my house four years ago I had one child and I was a single mom. I actually threw away a lot and stuffed most of the items in my dads pick up truck bed while my daughter was at daycare! Good luck!

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