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Sunday, November 22, 2009


If you somehow managed to still find you're way here. Thank you. I am trying to redirect as many links as quickly as possible.

As you may have noticed my domain is no longer mine. That's what happens when domain companies don't get back to you after they don't send you a renewal notice and you apparently have a hot domain name. GONE in less than 30 minutes of being canceled. I am SO MAD at godaddy right now, I could SPIT fire.

If for some reason you are the person that bought my domain and you find your way here. email me. I have some words for you.

If you are a sponsor I am SO SORRY. I will make this up to you! Promise! Please send me an email at momlovesreviews at gmail at your earliest convenience so we can discuss what works for you.

For everybody else. I will be purchasing a new domain asap. This site and FSUTSD will probably become one. I was contemplating a change anyway.

going to go cry now.

-Your formerly fearless leader

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