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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mom Loves the Diaper Clutch - a stylish wipe/dipe solution!

We've all seen the diapers and wipes clutches, but I was pleasantly surprised to find one that was different, practical, and really, really cute! The Diaper Clutch is different from the others because it gives you access to your wet wipes without needing to remove a portable travel case. Instead you can just open your clutch, grab a diaper, and pop open the wipes section which holds a standard huggies wet-wipes pack!

The best part though is that they are ridiculously cute! I can't wait to cart mine all over town because it's completely stylish and compact! I'm loving my brown disco dot clutch, but I'd love to hear what your favorite is. The Diaper Clutch just introduced new designs and even a design your own option!

Cloth-diapering mama? I tested the Diaper Clutch and was pleased to see that it holds at two medium bumGenius AIOs. Personally, I use disposable wipes when I am out, so it works great for me! Non-cloth diapering moms, I got 3 size 4 diapers in it comfortably. I think it's just the right size for running errands, dinner out, or a playdate!

The Diaper Clutch is a must-have for the modern mom that's for sure!

1 Mom Loves Comments:

Krisi and Adam said...

This looks just like what I have been thinking I need - after the first you never carry a diaper bag around. Right now I have two diapers and a few wipes in a ziploc baggie!

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