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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mom Loves Zeebabee - smart baby and mommy accessories!

You know how they tell you to decorate your nursery in bright colors, or how baby toys have strong contrasting colors? It's because infant's sight develops by looking at high-contrast items. The best combination for an infant - black and white. That's what makes Zeebabee's line of burp clothes and mommy tops so inventive! Where does a newborn look the most? Your shoulder and breast! Zeebabee's designs are modern and hip, but very, very smart!

I'm putting this mom-invented idea right up their with Taggies. The best part, of course, is that Zeebabee is stylish, so moms can enjoy wearing their items and know their babies are benefiting at the same time.

A set of 2 Burp See burp clothes is only $20 and the perfect baby shower gift!

3 Mom Loves Comments:

Ellie Bags said...

I love Zeebabee's products! They make a great gift.

cinmcgee said...

These are the best! Very well-made fab gift items for moms, made by a mom. I gave some as a shower present and the mom-to-be LOVED them and the fact that it is a mom-owned business adds even more value.

mama2reese said...

The shirt is super cute . . . but NO size??? Does that mean is is OS!?

I emailed to ask . . . :(

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