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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mom Loves Jet Set Babies - traveling just got way easier!

If you're lucky enough to be taking a vacation this year and dragging the kiddos along for the ride, you have to hear about Jet Set Babies! Take a second and try to imagine what your packing list for junior is going to look like - it's not pretty, is it? Diapers, bottles, binkies, wipes, blankets, lotions, shampoo, towels...and I haven't even gotten to clothes yet. Enter Jet Set Babies. Simply order up your babies necessities and pick them up when you arrive at your hotel. Imagine, one less suitcase devoted to items that are probably going to only be used on vacation, unless you like to drag home your dirty diapers from paradise.

Jet Set Babies
makes it easy to order up all the essentials My favorite thing? They not only offer up the traditional gerber food and huggies, but have options to order Earth's Best Organic and Seventh Generation products. A jar of Earth's Best will run you from $.80-1.00 and a jumbo package of Huggies is $13.00 - the same prices as your average grocery store or Target without the hassle of dragging it along.

Plus, Jet Set Babies is set up for travel, s don't worry about forgetting sunscreen or pool toys, they have it all ready to order. Visit their site today.

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