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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mom Loves Tactile Baby - quality handmade treasures!

I'm loving Tactile Baby's line of beautiful, unique toys for infants. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of toys that flash, play music, light up - is it a toy or a slot machine? I want something simple and well-crafted that encourages my son's imagination. That's why I love Tactile Baby!

The etsy shop features wooden rolling toys, felted wool rattles, and knit hats. These wonderful toys and accessories would make great Christmas gifts. With prices starting at $9.00, you're sure to find a gorgeous gift for your budget.

Check it out here!

2 Mom Loves Comments:

Suzie said...

I'm with you...I swear every toy in our house talks or lights up or just down right annoys the living crud out of you. I am all about the old school toys. Great products!! Nice quiet products....ha ha!!

Cameron Siguenza said...

I bought a few toys for my niece Evangeline from Tactile Baby and she loves them. Great stuff and thoughtfully designed and made. The way stuff should be.

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