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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mom Loves Wednesday's Gift - Palumba Toys

Palumba Toys

Palumba Toys are USA made, contain NO TOXINS or unsafe parts, heirloom quality, and crafted with green technology. And they are beautiful! In case you haven't guessed I prefer toys that don't light up, spin, screech, dance, etc...Give me the simple life, right? If you are looking for an idea for someone else's child, take a chance and get them something unique from Palumba's toys! Trust me, most moms would prefer these play inspiring toys to the latest mechanized toy truck!

Take a moment to peruse the beautiful craftsmanship of these toys and you will see that this is a gift that will last many generations! Prices range from $9-$400! Get anything from a wooden iron to a beautiful play fridge.

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