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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mom Loves Monday's Gifts - My Little Seat & The Baby Bloak

I recently got to try out my own My Little Seat and I have to say I loved it. When it arrived, I opened it happily and decided we'd be going out to dinner that night.

There are 2 reasons I love My Little Seat. First, I have left restaurants before when I realized there was no highchair for my little man. He's not ready to not be restrained yet! I've also been out to eat where are the highchair's straps are broken! No big deal if you have the compact My Little Seat with you! The second reason I love it is that it allowed my toddler to sit like a big kid with us that night. He really loved feeling all grown up in his own big chair with his own little seat.

You could easily use this at home instead of a highchair, making its $39.99 price tag very reasonable!

I'm a bit biased here since the Baby Bloak is my own idea, but I can genuinely say I give it as a gift to all my mom friends. And what better time to give a Bloak then Christmas when the weather is chilly?

The Baby Bloak is a wearable blanket that you could put on and take off in seconds when you are running to the car, into the store, or on other errands. Since coats aren't safe in car seats, many parents try to keep blankets from falling off in the cold. The Bloak lets you strap your baby into the car seat without interfering with straps and without having to be removed! It also makes a great stroller blanket and nursing cover - that's one handy blanket!

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