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Friday, October 10, 2008

About us

Mom Loves is the way to find out about the new, coolest, most useful products out there for moms and families. We love featuring product reviews, giveaways, special discounts, and more for you, our wonderful readers. Our goal is to help moms find the best possible products to make their lives easier and more enjoyable!

About The Mom, Erin:

Mom Loves is now owned and maintained by Erin Pyle. As a working professional, turned stay at home mom she needed something to do to keep her busy while on bed rest through out her pregnancy. She had been blogging for years anonymously and decided to start a new blog tracking her pregnancy. She enjoyed it so much she started yet another blog when her son was born to keep a chronicle of her family life. Thus From Son Up to Son Down was born. As time went by she started blogging about the products that were helping to make her life as a new parent easier. One post turned into many and companies started pitching their products to her. Suddenly she had a whole new direction to her writing and was in need of another outlet for it. She wanted to get FSUTSD back to the more personal, thoughtful posts and create a place for her reviews that is easy to navigate, read, and enjoy. During a chance meeting and after spotting a single tweet, Erin met Jennifer Albin, owner of the Baby Bloak, one of those must haves for moms. Jennifer is an amazing woman and helped Erin's dreams come true, by passing Mom Loves Today on to her. Now Erin is working to help MLT live up to its full potential!

Erin Pyle


Ashley R. - Ashley writes here at MLT specializing in her very own food column 'Mama Loves Cooking ~by Ashley'

Ashley is a 24 year old WAHM from Virginia. She has an adorable 2 year old daughter, Sophia (aka The Mini) and a loving and supportive long time boyfriend, Justin. When she's not busy being a mom, Ashley loves social networking, anime, video games, gardening, painting, and above all--cooking and baking. Follow Ashley on twitter:

Bobbi Janay - Bobbi Janay writes here at MLT specializing in domestic posts on her column 'Mom is Magic by Bobbi Janay'
  • Bobbi Janay is a 24 year old wife and mother who lives in Plano, Tx with her husband Casey, infant son Ian, and faithful furry friend FootFoot. She is a girl from small town Texas, who woke up one day and realized holy cow when did I become a grown up? Follow Bobbi Janay on twitter:

About Mom Love's Original Creator:

Mom Loves was originally created by Jennifer Albin - The mom behind Sass and Fras, LLC, home of the Baby Bloak! She's was always on the look-out for cool and useful products that make her life easier. She wanted other moms to benefit from her finds and so this blog was born.

Visit the Baby Bloak at:

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