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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mom Loves the Cart-Stopper- protector of children and cars!

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I'm going to guess that most of us have had this happen: you come out of the store with a full-loaded cart - kids and groceries - and while you are trying to put it all in the car, the cart gets away smacking into your car and leaving a lovely scratch. Or maybe you've narrowly avoided kid and cart rolling right into the middle of the parking lot. The CartStopper is the simple solution to this problem. Simply attach the CartStopper's industrial strength suction cup to your car and hook the other end to your cart - no runaway cart, and no scratches, dents or dangerous accidents!

The mom behind the CartStopper knew this was an issue for modern moms. We're trying to juggle so many things that there needed to be a simple solution to the dangers of dealing with packed carts and parking lots. Her idea came to her after a frightening shopping experience:
"Upon arriving at the local grocery store parking lot one day, I routinely began to transport my two children from my vehicle into a shopping cart. After successfully unloading my youngest child, I went to retrieve my eldest child from our vehicle when I heard a man scream, “Hey lady! Your baby!” I immediately turned around to witness my child, strapped in the shopping cart, quickly rolling away from my vehicle into the middle of the busy parking lot! Thank goodness the shopping cart came to a stop up against a standing vehicle awaiting a parking spot (as opposed to a moving vehicle). It was the most frightening (and embarrassing) experience of my life. I immediately began looking for a product that would help keep my shopping cart from rolling away from my vehicle. I was surprised to discover that no one had yet to offer an effective solution to this dangerous problem. That was when I knew there was a definite need for a product that “stops the run-away cart”!"

Visit their website.


CartStoppers wants you to have your own CartStopper! To enter to win your own CartStopper, simply visit their website and come back and leave a comment telling us what color CartStopper you like best!

For an extra entry, post our button with a link on your blog and leave us a comment with a link back so we can check it out!

13 Mom Loves Comments:

Haley said...

Great idea!! I love the blue one.

Julie/mom said...

I love the pink!
I don't have your button, but I do have your link!

Anonymous said...

I heart the Cart-stopper, I hate the never ending battle with the cart. I swear the Albertson's I go to built their parking lot on a slant just to drive me crazy. I would love a blue one.

n810smom said...

wow what a great idea!!!

Kellen aka "Muffin Man" said...

This thing is so cool and I can't wait to try it out. I really like the blue. :)

Your button is on my blog.

~*Liz*~ said...

Pink! What a fantastic idea!


Stacy said...

What a wonderful idea! This is genius! Even my mom would like one and she doesn't have children! It's perfect for any parking lot that isn't level! :-)
And of course the pink is the BEST color!

Rebecca said...

I like the pink or red! What a great idea! All I can say is that there are a lot of talented moms out there!

Mrs. M said...

This is a GREAT invention! I love the red one.

HipMama said...

How cool! Pink is my favorite color.

Shayna said...

That's a wonderful invention, very ingenious There have been many times when a cart-stopper would have been needed. I love the red.

talkasithink said...

I like the red, easy to see if it's securely attached at a glance.

Karen said...

Karen said

Genius idea. I just had that happen to me the other day. How scary it was and I felt helpless watching it roll away. I would like the blue.

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