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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mom Loves the BelliDeep Sippy Cup Holder

I might be in love with this sippy cup's so very practical unlike many of the others I have seen on the market. Why? Because its made of slip resistant silicone, so it doesn't have to be adjusted and it's easy to clean. If you are like me, trips to the store always include a game of "Drop the sippy. Watch mom pick up. Rinse. Lather. Repeat."

It can be used with sippy cups and bottles!!!! So imagine all the use you will get out of it! And it's only $6.50!!!! Think of the hours of back-breaking labor you'll save not bending over, running after, and searching for dropped sippy cups. You can buy one here.

As a mompreneur, my only concern about this product is its name! We need something that shows off creativeness and the usefulness of this product, something catchy, something that sticks around as long as an attached sippy cup!. So heres my challenge moms, help her come up with new name!

1 Mom Loves Comments:

Kellen aka "Muffin Man" said...

How about the "No Slippy Sippy Cup Holder"? :)

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