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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mom Loves Wet Happened zippered wet bags

Wet bags are a common accessory for us crazy cloth-diaperin' mamas, but they're set to be a mainstream mom must-have. Why? Well, we all have icky things that we need to cart around in a diaper bag - a pair of pants the diaper leaked through, the burp cloth, a soiled bib, a wet swimsuit. You get the picture. Rather than cart them balled up in your diaper bag, wouldn't it be great to have a bag you can keep them in? Plus, wet bags are reusable!

But the best part of the wet bag is how flippin' cute they are. Gone are the days of boring waterproof, draw string bags. Wet bags now feature designer fabrics, waterproof inners, and handy zippers. And none are cuter or more convenient than Wet Happened wet bags. In a perfect array of sizes and styles these little, reusable bags are about to be a household name. Word on the street is that Targets will be carrying the bags soon! Major bonus for cloth-diapering moms to not have to shop online, but every mom can benefit from these beauties!

Prices start at $17.95. Not bad for a product you can use again and again while saving the planet! Check out the Caribbean and Orchid Groovy!

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