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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mom Loves Fall - Weekend Shopping Guide

This handmade, one of a kind, wrap by Irregular Expressions is the perfect thing to throw on for a walk, an errand, or a date. Long enough to be versatile, it's a sure bet for the posh mom. Price $95

For baby and toddler:
Worthy Goods is worth a look for their adorable, patchwork hats for babies and toddlers. We love the Wascal-y Hunter cap for its just right mix of old school and punk, but be sure to check out all the unique offerings! Priced from $26-80

It might be a tad impractical to let your little one wear this around town, but it screams portrait time! Trinity's Tutus Autumn Harvest Dress is a beautiful tribute to fall. It's moments like these I wish I had a girl! Price $42

For the family:
Nothing says fall like pumpkins, so wake up to pumpkin pie (well, in your shower). Morgan Street's pumpkin chiffon is sure to get you geared up for Turkey Day!

Tis the season to entertain! Whip an apple pie, light a fire, and invite friends and family over for the evening. Whether you're planning a formal fall affair or a casual October gathering, these invites from Snail Mail are sure to bring in the RSVPs.

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